Mir H. S. Quadri

A.I. Researcher, Linguist, Philologist, Entrepreneur, Author, Artist, Poet

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Arkinfo Notes

The Lumeni Notebook

About Mir

Mir is a visionary polymath with a passion for knowledge and innovation. As the founder of Arkinfo, he is dedicated to empowering people with the latest in cutting-edge technologies, aiming to enhance lives and broaden horizons. His work in artificial intelligence paves the way for smarter, more intuitive tech that learns and evolves. He shares his research and musings on the latest technological breakthroughs at ’Arkinfo Notes’.

Mir's expertise and insights reach a wide audience through his contributions to 'Open Source For You Magazine,' a leading publication with a readership of over 100,000 tech enthusiasts and experts.

His linguistic pursuits offer fresh perspectives on the power of language, and his artistic endeavours as an author, artist, and poet touch hearts and minds across the globe. His personal Substack, 'The Lumeni Notebook,' showcases his polymathic range, covering an array of topics that inform and inspire a diverse international community.

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